Food Waste

High Fat Content Foods

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce its environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint and thus creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

Scarab is in the process of installing and commissioning an innovative processing facility that extracts oils and fats from the waste streams produced by food manufacturers.

The oils and fats extracted during the process undergo filtration and purification  in stages, so that they can be used in the biodiesel and other technical application markets.

The solids stream from this process can be used for composting or anaerobic digestion or insect feed.

A myriad of food products such as crisps, sausage rolls and pasties, to name but a few, have a high oil content (>20%) and are ideal for the machine’s capabilities.

At Scarab, we aim to widen the portfolio of products we process and a trial load of your waste products can be organised to assess their suitability. If the trial is successful then a complete, flexible and efficient collection service can be offered.

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End Of Line / Out Of Date / Butters and Spreads

Our innovative processing facility is particularly suitable for the recycling of food with a high fa- oil or fat content such as Butters or Spreads. We offer a unique service to food manufactures or food processors, based on food waste streams of this nature. This service enables our customers to minimize their costs and maximise revenue from their food waste.

In addition to Butters and Spreads, End of Line Foods or Out Of Date Foods are also of particular interest to us in view of our unique processing expertise. Scarab would be pleased to consider and trial any food waste product within this category with a view to providing a collection and logistics service tailored to your exact individual needs.

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